100% Recruitment At Cumberland

Mental health facility Cumberland Hospital has recruited 100% of the extra nurses allocated in the first phase of the roll out of the new nurse-to-patient ratios system.

In the first phase of the implementation of the new nursing hours per patient day/nurse ratios system, funding was provided for an additional 12.4 FTE nurses at Cumberland Hospital and other mental health wards in Western Sydney Local Health District. By late July, 100% of these positions had been recruited.

NSWNA General Secretary Brett Holmes said Cumberland Hospital management is to be congratulated for demonstrating serious commitment to getting the additional staff on board. ‘It’s a great result that will benefit patients and nurses alike.’

Deputy DoN, Charles MacMillan, who is also a member of the NSWNA Western Sydney Mental Health Managers Branch, was determined that all the new positions should be filled as soon as possible. On the day The Lamp caught up with Charles, six nurses were starting at the hospital, and a further 13 were starting the next week.

‘There are good nurses out there, we just need to be proactive in getting them back into the Public Health System,’ said Charles.

So how was this achieved at Cumberland Hospital?

‘The current recruitment was achieved through the NSW Health recruitment system website eRecruit.

‘We’ll be looking at broader avenues such as media advertising when we start recruiting for the stand-alone units.’

Charles said that if Cumberland Hospital can achieve 100% recruitment, anyone can do it. ‘You have to be proactive. Keep up the pressure.’

Brett Holmes said, ‘Funding for 1,400 extra nurses has been delivered to the Public Health System thanks to the nurse-to-patient ratios campaign. The challenge now is to attract nurses back to the system to fill these positions.

‘Cumberland Hospital’s recruitment success demonstrates the positive results that can be achieved through a committed and proactive recruitment strategy.’