100% union at Bega

A recruitment drive by members at Bega Valley Private Hospital achieved an exceptional 100% NSWNA membership.

’We are only a small hospital but we were concerned about the new industrial relations legislation in relation to our conditions. We thought that if we improved our density and formed a branch we would be in better contact with the Association and be able to contribute to the campaign and be informed,’ said Robyn Lawler, RN and Assistant Branch Secretary at Bega Valley Private Hospital.

‘We spoke to nurses who weren’t members and discussed with them the reasons why we thought it was important to join and why it was crucial that we formed a branch. Everyone joined and we were able to form a branch that has 100% membership of nurses working at Bega Valley Private Hospital,’ she said.

As a NSWNA branch, NSWNA members were able to be actively involved in the Private Hospital Nurses campaign.

‘All of our members strongly support the campaign for pay parity,’ said Robyn. ‘We do the same work as nurses in the public hospitals so we think we should receive the same pay and conditions. I’ve spent many years working in the public system and I know I do the same work now,’ said Robyn.