4% pay rise for public hospital nurses

Public Hospital nurses will receive a 4% pay rise from 1 July 2006, part of the 14% pay rise won in the Public Health – There’s No Fix Without Nurses campaign waged by the NSWNA last year.

The 4% is the third tranche of pay-ments laid out in the agreement covering public hospital nurses, which was endorsed by the IR Commission in May 2005.

The agreement delivered public hospital nurses a celebrated 14% pay win and significant improvements in conditions.

The 14% pay rise was broken down into 3% back paid from 1 January 2005; 3% from 1 July 2005; 4% from 1 July 2006; and 4% from 1 July 2007. The agreement expires in July 2008.

The improvements in conditions included a $15 per-week base pay increase for ENs with medication endorsement, groundbreaking 14 weeks’ paid parental leave and recognition of midwives in the award.

Michelle Cashman, RN at Gosford Hospital’s Continuing Care Centre, says the extra 4% will be gladly welcomed by members of the NSWNA Long Jetty Branch. ‘Every little bit helps, especially with rising petrol costs,’ she said.

‘The pay case was a great win by the union and it’s very positive for members to feel involved in the union and know they have the union behind them.

The 4% coming through reminds us of what the NSWNA union achieved and the strong role of the union.’

What you will earn

The following table shows salaries after the 4% pay increase across a selection of nurse classifications
Classification New salary from 1/7/06:
*Payable FFPP commencing on or after 1/07/06 Increase per fortnightly pay:
EN ‘Thereafter’ $810.10 per week UP $62
RN Year 1 $843.90 per week UP $66
RN Year 8 $1,185.20 per week UP $91
CNS $1,233.40 per week UP $94
NUM 1 $1,486.70 per week UP $114