ACS Template Roadshow

NSWNA hits the road to discuss the Aged and Community Services (ACS) template with members.

The NSWNA is visiting workplaces across NSW and holding night-time meetings for members to explain how the Association is using the results of our recent survey of members working in the not-for-profit aged care sector, to negotiate improvements to their pay and conditions.

Several visits and meetings took place in July and will continue through August.

Negotiations for the renewal of the ACS, NSWNA and HSU Enterprise Agreement began in June and are continuing. ACS initially offered a wage increase of 2.5% per year over the duration of the three-year agreement. The most recent offer was 3%, in the first year and 2.8% in the second and third years of the agreement. The Association has not accepted this offer and, as The Lamp went to press, the NSWNA was seeking an improved wages offer.

Part of the Association’s claim is for any wage increase to start from 1 July 2011.

ACS has agreed to wage parity for AiNs by removing the under-18 AiN rates.

In addition to the wages offer, ACS has agreed to pay for the renewal of criminal checks for existing employees and to include in the Workloads Management clause a process to replace employees who are on leave.

Casual employees who have been rostered on a regular and systematic basis over 26 weeks will have the right to request conversion to permanent employment, and there is now a clause that makes clear provisions for the payment of overtime and consistency when overtime rates apply.