Active members vital to private hospitals claim


It’s vital private hospital nurses get active to lock in strong outcomes in the new wages claim before Howard’s dangerous IR changes cut deep.

From 17 November 2005, the NSWNA can commence negotiations with the Private Hospital employers for a new round of wages and conditions for private hospital members covered by the Private Hospitals Award.

More is at stake than private hospital nurses’ wages and conditions – the new claim for private hospital nurses is one of the earliest industry negotiations to deal with the implications of the federal government’s new Industrial Relations agenda.

‘This campaign will be one of the most important campaigns in recent years. Not only will it establish wages and conditions for private hospital nurses over the next few years but it will be one of the first industry negotiations that deals with the federal government’s new Industrial Relations agenda,’ said NSWNA Assistant General Secretary, Judith Kiejda.

The wages round will apply to private hospital nurses covered by the Private Hospitals Award – except those working in workplaces where enterprise agreement negotiations have finalised wages and conditions.

Private hospital members have a say
The NSWNA has engaged in a comprehensive consultation process to ensure that private hospital members’ priorities and concerns are reflected in the NSWNA claim.

A meeting has been held at all private hospitals so that members can nominate their priorities in the new round of wages and conditions. NSWNA is currently analysing the results from the data collected.

Each workplace has consolidated the feedback from members at the meetings and this is being used by the Private Hospital log of claims committee to develop the final claim for the new wages and conditions round – known as a log of claims.

More information will be provided to Private Hospital members as the log of claim is developed and the negotiations begin.

Get active for a better outcome

The higher the density of NSWNA members and the more active our branches are, the more negotiating power the Association has.

Here’s what you can do to strengthen the Union:

  1. Ask nurses who are not members to join the NSWNA and get them involved in achieving the wages and conditions that private hospital nurses deserve.
  2. If you do not have an NSWNA branch at your private hospital, talk to your workmates who may be interested and contact the NSWNA for assistance in establishing a branch. More than 50% of private hospitals have NSWNA branches. Branches help to give nurses in these hospitals a strong voice.