Support aged care staffing and skill mix

In the 2016 federal Budget, $1.2 billion was cut from funding to complex needs aged care. This is inevitably putting pressure on staffing, as providers seek to shed registered nurses in order to cut costs.

The federal Senate is holding an inquiry into the future of Australia’s aged care workforce. It’s scandalous that on any given night at nursing homes across the country, a single care worker can be looking after 30-50 frail, vulnerable patients with complex, chronic conditions, many with dementia.

Registered Nurses in Aged Care

A Bill to protect the position of registered nurses in nursing homes passed the Upper House of NSW Parliament on Thursday 4 May but was defeated by the coalition Government parties in the Lower House on Thursday 11 May 2017.

Just some of the reasons RNs are essential in aged care:

  • Overseeing medications, including assessing side effects
  • Undertaking nursing procedures, including urinary catheters, naso-gastric tubes, wound care
  • Minimising unnecessary transfers to Emergency Departments
  • Providing palliative care at the nursing home
  • Providing support and supervision to ENs and AiNs.
Some useful information

Here are some supporting facts on the importance of registered nurses in aged care.
Read the timeline of events in the RN 24/7 campaign: Timeline of events – registered nurses in NSW nursing homes.

What you can do