Anglican Retirement Village pays 7% on top of award

Anglican Retirement Village (ARV) has just become an employer of choice for nurses working in the aged care sector, with the signing of an Agreement that provides nurses with an extra 7% pay rise on top of the 6% awarded in the Commission in April.

Eighty-three per cent of members had voted to accept the agreement.

The agreement will cover wages and conditions for one year and will apply across all ARV facilities.

ARV has demonstrated its commitment to building a more professional, highly-trained workforce, says Assistant General Secretary Judith Kiejda. ‘The pay rise, along with other features of the agreement, will mean that nurses will be attracted to ARV as an employer, and existing staff will be encouraged to stay and build a career.’

‘The willingness of ARV to pay 7% above the Award nullifies arguments put forward by the industry that aged care providers cannot afford to pay nurses a fair payrise,’ said Judith.

Emily New, RN at ARV, Castle Hill, said members were very happy with the Agreement. ‘People have more of an incentive to build a career with ARV.

‘Aged care nurses work very hard. The older people in our care have higher care needs, families have higher expectations and we have extensive paperwork that must be completed. The pay rise goes a long way to recognising the hard work we do,’ said Emily.

The key features of the agreement include:

  • 7% above Nursing Home Award wages;
  • Nine weeks’ paid maternity leave and one week paid paternity leave;
  • Option of taking single days of annual leave;
  • Option of salary sacrifice for super;
  • Option for voluntary salary packaging for expenses up to $3750 per year;
  • Family friendly arrangements e.g. ordinary hours to be calculated over a fortnightly period where by agreement the employee can choose to work irregular hours week to week;
  • Make up pay for jury duty.