At a glance: the gains in the new Ramsay enterprise agreement

Ramsay has not agreed to ratios this time but the following improvements provide the tools for safer staffing at Ramsay facilities:

  • Stronger recognition of professional standards and obligations.
  • On-call for emergencies not routine theatre lists.
  • Protection for existing supernumerary In-Charge of Hospital, and new criteria for patient load when In-Charge of Hospital and In-Charge of Ward.
  • New Professional Standards clause with consideration of ACORN Standards.
  • Where NUM/MUM identifies that patient needs can’t be sufficiently met, a process to follow.
  • NUM/MUMs to prioritise access to meal and rest breaks when establishing rosters.
  • Replacement of leave absences with a nurse/midwife of the same level.
  • Dedicated staff for ‘specials’ in addition to the numbers.
  • Face-to-face training upon request for de-escalation/mental health/emergencies.
  • Protection for new graduates – can refuse In-Charge of Ward if considered unsafe practice.

The pay increases won

  • 2.5 per cent increase to pay and allowances from July 2018.
  • 2.5 per cent increase to pay and allowances from July 2019 (with no strings attached).

Other improvements to conditions

  • All existing conditions protected.
  • Ten minute paid change time now at the start of shift and 10 minutes at the end of shift.
  • Where a meal break is not taken by six hours due to employer direction, the employee is entitled to a paid missed meal break at overtime rates regardless of any breaks taken after six hours. Where employee agrees to finish shift early then missed meal break is not paid.
  • A nurse or midwife working alone will be paid for missed meal break unless specific rostering arrangements ensure they are covered for breaks.
  • Extra paid time for tea breaks for 12-hour shifts.
  • Improved paid parental leave to 10 weeks.
  • Employee can request access to pro-rata long service leave after five years.
  • Commitment to full-time employee ADOs.
  • Increase to $40 In-Charge of hospital and ward rates.
  • Higher duties payment for all shifts if you regularly act up.
  • Team leader to be recognised and paid as in-charge (not in team nursing context).
  • Up to five days paid leave and support measures for staff experiencing family violence.
  • Up to five days paid natural disaster leave.
  • Annual Leave requests will be responded to in a fortnight except for high demand holiday periods.
  • Part-timers able to request a review of contracted hours once every six months.
  • Consecutive days off unless agreed otherwise.

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