Backdown on parking fee increase

Management has scrapped a 250% increase in parking fees at Prince of Wales Hospital, following a strong protest from the NSW Nurses’ Association.

Management’s announcement of the increase for agency and casual pool nurses caused an outcry among staff.

The increase from a discounted $6.60 per day to the public rate of $16 was scrapped within 24 hours of the union protest.

NSWNA branch secretary at the hospital, Carolyn Hook, said agency and casual pool nurses would continue to receive vouchers allowing them to park for $6.60 a day.

She said parking fees for permanent full-time staff would remain at about $30 per week, with a pro rata rate for permanent part-timers.

‘Management quickly changed its decision when they realised we were up in arms – there was a very strong reaction from members,’ she said.

‘Management also announced it would make an extra 150 parking spaces available to staff.

‘There is a six-month waiting list for parking spots for permanent staff, but we make spots available to all agency and casual nurses in order to backfill our positions.

‘If they didn’t have reasonably-priced parking and had to park in the street, their safety could be at risk – especially at night.

‘We have also arranged for on-call nurses to park in a section of the hospital car park reserved for hospital vehicles and to be escorted to their cars by security staff at night.’