Better Services for a Better State campaign launched

Campaign calls for investment in jobs and services in NSW.

Nurses, along with other workers in the public sector, turned out for the launch of the Better Services for a Better State campaign on 24 March at the Domain in Sydney.

NSWNA General Secretary Brett Holmes spoke at the event, which was organised by Unions NSW. Unions NSW has been speaking to the NSW public in workplaces and community groups. The consensus is that NSW needs a commitment to better services across health, education, transport, basic utilities such as power and water, and community safety.

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Better State charter

At the heart of the campaign is the Better State charter, a set of five principles that Unions NSW will ask every candidate in the 2011 State election to endorse. They are:

  1. Investing in workers.
  2. Valuing our public assets.
  3. Investing in infrastructure.
  4. Improving workplace standards.
  5. Respect for the public sector workforce.