Book Me – September 2015

In this issue:

  • 25% Off Books for Members;
  • CINAHL Plus with Full Text;
  • The Birth Wars;
  • Communication Skills for Midwives: Challenges in Everyday Practice;
  • Leadership & Nursing: Contemporary Perspectives (2nd ed.);
  • Handbook of PTSD: Science and Practice (2nd ed.);
  • Clinical Gerontological Social Work Practice.
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News for Members

25% Off Books for Members

McGraw Hill Publishers is offering NSWNMA members 25 per cent off the recommended retail price of all medical titles, plus a range of other professional books! Simply log in to the Association’s member-only page, scroll down to the ‘Discount Books’ section and click on the promotion code image to open the McGraw Hill website.  For complete instructions please read this further information page or for assistance please contact the NSWNMA library.

Access to CINAHL Plus with Full Text

Members can now access the CINAHL Plus with Full Text research database directly! Simply log in to the Association’s member-only page then click on the CINAHL link.  CINAHL Plus with Full Text the definitive research tool for nursing and allied health literature, providing full text for more than 750 journals and thousands of articles dating back to 1937.  It also includes searchable cited references, legal cases, clinical innovations, critical paths, drug records, research instruments and clinical trials.  For further information or assistance please contact the NSWNMA library.

Special Interest

The Birth Wars

Author(s) : Mary-Rose MacColl
ISBN : 9780702237225
RRP : 34.95
Publisher : University of Queensland Press

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This book introduces prospective parents to the spirited debate between those who see birth as normal and natural and those who see it as high-risk and medical. Winner of the 2009 Walkley Award for Best Non Fiction, the book acknowledges that both sides care deeply about women and babies. Equally, it contends that the existing deep divisions between the “mechanics” and “organics” have exposed many new families to situations that are more confusing and traumatising than empowering. Arguing that both sides must work together to put the needs of families at the centre of birth, the book explores and advocates for alternative models of care that establish balanced working partnerships.

Communication Skills for Midwives: Challenges in Everyday Practice


Author(s) : Carole England and Ransolina Morgan
ISBN : 9780335243990
RRP : $60 – NSWNMA member discount available
Publisher : McGraw Hill Education

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Taking a practical and problem solving approach, this book aims to help midwives enhance their learning and improve their interactions. It gives advice on how thoughts and feelings may be expressed through body language and in words. Other topics include negotiating with diverse inter-agency teams, working with minority groups, breaking significant news when labour threatens the life of a baby or a baby has an abnormality, coping with loss and bereavement and addressing issues of domestic abuse. The book specifically explores the difficult contexts and circumstances that many midwives experience and uses case vignettes, reflective questions, illustrations, tools and techniques to help develop effective strategies for a range of situations.

Leadership & Nursing: Contemporary Perspectives (2nd ed.)


Author(s) : John Daly, Sandra Speedy and Debra Jackson
ISBN : 9780729541534
RRP : $99.95
Publisher : Churchill Livingstone Elsevier

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This second edition of Leadership in Nursing presents the experiences of more than 30 world leaders in nursing and examines the current condition of nursing leadership as practised in a diverse range of settings. It explores the challenges that nurse leaders face in ethically fulfilling their various leadership roles and argues that truly effective leadership is a shared responsibility that must come from within nursing at all levels, rather than just from those authorised to hold senior positions.

Handbook of PTSD: Science and Practice (2nd ed.)


Author(s) : Matthew Friedman, Terence Keane and Patrick Resick
ISBN : 9781462516179
RRP : $115
Publisher : The Guildford Press

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This handbook examines the causes and mechanisms of PTSD on multiple levels, from psychological processes to genes and neurobiology. It has been updated to reflect major research advances and the new diagnostic criteria in DSM-5. Risk and resilience processes are addressed across development and in specific populations. Other new chapters look at child assessment, couple, family and group therapies, web-based interventions and telemental health technology. Methodological considerations, the latest advances in research design and analysis, promising public health approaches and the implementation of best practices are also covered.

Clinical Gerontological Social Work Practice


Author(s) : Robert Youdin
ISBN : 9780826129895
RRP : $88
Publisher : Springer Publishing

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This book aims to integrate advanced clinical social work practice with in-depth knowledge of evidence-based practice as well as geriatric medicine, psychiatry and gerontology. The author advocates truly engaging with the older client in a variety of settings including nursing homes, assisted care facilities and hospitals, and discusses mental health issues associated with such settings. Major psychopathological problems common to older adults are addressed, along with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, medical and co-occurring psychological problems, sexuality and the unique vulnerabilities of LGBTI clients. Its fresh, interdisciplinary approach will provide a useful supplement to the nursing literature on aged care.

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