Clarification on back pay

The NSWNA published a table in The Lamp recently, which outlined the expected back pay for Public Health System nurses and midwives negotiated under the new Award. However, the amounts published were before tax – the gross amount – and they are only an estimate of base back pay.

The back pay figure also does not include any extra payments that would be back paid for nurses’ penalty rates or annual leave and leave loading that was taken between July 2010 and the back payment date.

So the actual amount that any particular nurse will have received as back pay is an individual calculation dependent on how many hours you have worked over those months, whether you took any annual leave, penalty payments or other similar variable payments you were entitled to.

Many nurses will have been taxed at a higher marginal rate in the period that you received your back pay because the higher payment pushed your earnings for that fortnight into a higher tax bracket. This will be rectified when you complete your 2010-2011 tax return.

Have you left the Public Health System since 1 July 2010?

If you have left the Public Health System since 1 July 2010, you are entitled to back pay for the recent pay increase of 3.9%. The back pay will apply to all hours that you worked including penalties and so on for the period between 1 July 2010 and the date you ceased working in the Public Health System.

You must request this back pay to be made by emailing your name, payroll number, and location of your employment to the following address: Be sure to keep a copy of your email.