Committee of Delegates resolution on government response to our claim

“This meeting of the NSWNMA Committee of Delegates condemns the NSW government for belatedly delivering an unacceptable offer to the nurses and midwives of NSW for their 2013 Award and hiding behind its own bad law to avoid improving and expanding the successful nursing hours/ratios system.

International research clearly shows that where an investment in additional nurse staffing is made, the incidence of adverse events is reduced and patient care is improved.

The societal benefits of lives saved and increased productivity are real.

Safe levels of nursing care should not depend on postcode.

Our reasonable pay claim of 2.5% increase per year should not be undermined by this government seeking to reduce the pay outcome by shifting responsibility for superannuation increases from itself to public sector employees.

This meeting calls on the General Secretary to conduct a broad ranging campaign of media awareness, political lobbying, coordination of campaign activities by NSWNMA branches and any other action necessary, including paid media advertising utilising NursePower campaign funds, to achieve an acceptable offer for branches to consider.

On behalf of the nurses and midwives of NSW, this Committee of Delegates demands that the NSW government revise its decision and provide an acceptable pay and nurse-to-patient ratios offer to the Association by no later than noon on Thursday 30 May, 2013.”

The resolution was carried unanimously.