Community shows support for nurses on social media

Facebook, Twitter, Nurse Uncut, and a dedicated campaign website are all playing an important part in spreading the message about the NSWNA’s campaign for mandated nurse-to-patient ratios to the public.

The online environment is a huge part of any social justice campaign nowadays, so the NSWNA has created a campaign website One2four, with the tagline ‘the way to safe patient care’.

The website contains information about the NSWNA’s campaign, along with downloadable brochures and easy ways for the public to show their support for our campaign.

This includes a ‘speak out’ section, which lists the email and postal addresses of major newspapers so people can send a letter to the editor, and a ‘register your support’ section, which allows visitors to submit a comment to the site in support of our campaign in just a few seconds.

We’ve also made full use of social media networking. Sites such as Facebook and Twitter help to create a buzz and to get campaign messages out to the widest possible audience.

On Facebook, in addition to the NSWNA’s official page, a One2Four fan page has been set up, which already has more than 2,500 fans expressing their support for ratios.

With almost 1,000 followers to the Association’s account, Twitter has also been a key strategy for updating people on what’s happening with Campaign One2Four and what they can do. And in the spirit of social media networking, our ‘tweets’ are ‘retweeted’ by our followers so they potentially reach thousands of people.

Finally, the NSWNA’s own Nurse Uncut blog is being utilised to spread the word that NSW needs mandated ratios to ensure safe patient care and the health and wellbeing of nursing professionals.

‘Social networking is a very useful way of reaching out to the general public to garner support for our campaign for ratios,’ said NSWNA Assistant General Secretary Judith Kiejda. ‘Combined with our mainstream media ads, these additional outlets have enabled us to put the need for safe patient care firmly in the minds of Australians.’


One2Four Facebook fan page!/pages/One2four-the-way-to-safe-patient-care/137329086317935

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