Congratulations Cowra Hospital – 100% direct debit

Personal touch converts Cowra Hospital members to direct debit

Every last member at Cowra Hospital has now signed onto direct debit, thanks to the efforts of local member Roseanne Slattery Quinn. She heard about the importance of direct debit at the Association’s Committee of Delegates, and took it upon herself to convert everyone at her workplace.

‘People were approaching me at the annual conference asking how did I do it, but it was easy,’ she said.

Roseanne knows most of the staff personally and so was able to talk to them individually about the importance of direct debit. She even posted off her colleagues’ forms herself. She also distributed an information package about what would happen if payroll deductions were cancelled. ‘If anything goes wrong, it’s important to have that union protection,’ she said.

If you’re still paying your fees by payroll deductions, give the NSWNA a call right away and change your details to make sure you and your fellow nurses don’t lose NSWNA protection.