Eleanor explains ratios to the community

Nurse-to-patient ratios have been won – but with the state government holding a report recommending their removal, the NSWNA is using television to engage the public in understanding that ratios bring better patient care.

Royal Prince Alfred RPA) RNEleanor Romney, who stars in the Association’s new TV ad, says it is vital that we educate the public about the importance of ratios in ensuring the best patient care.

“I was very happy to be involved with the nurse-to-patient ratio ad, as I strongly believe that we need to raise community awareness about ratios. The public needs to know that better nurse-to-patient ratios means safer, more effective care. These are hard fought for changes to the public health system and the people of New South Wales should know how ratios improve the care they receive.”

Eleanor says we should not discount the possibility that the government could remove ratios from the award.

“I am worried about the O’Farrell Government’s plans for ratios – there is the possibility that they may remove them. We want nurse-to-patient ratios rolled out more broadly in the New South Wales health system, not rolled back.

“I think this ad plays an important role in educating the public about how the new ratios benefit them, and what they could lose if the government goes ahead and rolls them back.”

She said making the ad was fun and interesting.

“I really enjoyed making the ad – a very different experience to ward work! It was amazing to see the number of people needed to produce a 45-second ad. I felt proud, if a little embarrassed, when I saw the ad for the first time. It captures the reality of what it is like to work now that the new ratios have been introduced.”