Eye opening experience

Rebecca Golding, a third year Theatre Nurse at Campbelltown Private Hospital, attended the conference for the first time.

“The education day was really good because it taught us a few different things about taking some time out to take care of ourselves, and the actual voting days were enlightening. It was very interesting to hear about what’s happening in other areas of nursing, not just the area I’m involved in.   “WorkCover is going to be one of our major battles and keeping our shift rates and patient ratios is going to be a major challenge for the ward staff. There were lots of different issues raised with the union, which was a bit of an eye opener.”   The scrub nurse was so impressed by Dr Adam Fraser’s lecture at the conference on “How to be healthy in an unhealthy world”, that she wanted to remind other nurses “to take time out for themselves.   “Make sure that you’re getting proper nutrition and proper breaks,” Rebecca urged.   “Don’t be afraid to speak up if something’s not right.

“This is a message that we forget as we get bogged down. It’s nice to be reminded that we can say those things and that we have the right to stand up and verbalise our issues.”