Failure to consult

Joanne Walker, Eurobodalla Community Nurse Manager, has no problem with the model of care proposed by GSAHS to enable more integrated health services. But she has deep concerns with the draft management structure to enact the plan.

‘It’s a very problematic proposal that was put together with no consultation with nurse managers. Without explanation, my status as a nurse manager has been cut and my workload will be tripled if the proposal is implemented,’ she said.

The draft restructure plan downgrades Joanne’s position Nurse Manager 2 to NUM 2.

‘The NUM classification is very different to that of a nurse manager. The plan would see my current professional responsibilities go out the window,’ said Joanne.

‘Community Nurse Managers have a huge responsibility for managing community nursing over a large geographical area and diverse specialty areas. It’s a specialty role that is crucial to community nursing.

‘I manage and provide professional leadership to 100 community nursing and allied health staff. This includes being responsible for competency standards, service planning, job appraisals and solving day-to-day problems. I also spend a lot of time addressing HR issues in community nursing,’ she said.

‘The proposal shows a lack of understanding of the community nurse manager’s role.’

In the draft structure proposal, the Community Nurse manager’s role would be also expanded to include clinical duties.

‘We’re already working in top gear. It’s a busy, pressured role with no slack to cut.

‘If I am caught up in clinical duties, I would not be able to address day-to-day problems that come up. This has implications for OHS, professional issues and nurse morale, which is already very low,’ said Joanne.

Deputy Nurse Manager position deleted

With the stroke of a pen, Guy Trezise’s position as Deputy Nurse Manager at Moruya District Hospital has been wiped out in the GSAHS restructure plan.

‘It’s utterly ludicrous,’ said Guy. ‘I have an enormous responsibility and workload. The Senior Nurse Manager is also struggling. There is no way that position can cope if my position is deleted.’

Guy manages the ED unit and critical care issues at the hospital. ‘I also coordinate staff education and training, roster fulfilment and I provide clinical support and supervision.

‘These are crucial roles that cannot be suddenly deleted with no consultation. It demonstrates the ignorance of the AHS executive of the needs of the cluster.’