Fighting Fit Nurses lose 94kg

Seven nurses at Toronto Nursing Home lose 94kg, and win Biggest Loser crown.

Seven aged care nurses have spectacularly shown it is possible to stay healthy and lose weight at work. Calling themselves the Fighting Fit Nurses, the team took on the Biggest Loser Club corporate challenge, a rigorous 12-week diet and exercise program. The spirited team successfully shed a combined 94.9kg and won the program’s weight-loss crown.

The Fighting Fit Nurses from the Anglican Care Toronto Nursing Home motivated each other to get onto and stick with the weight-loss program.

Hayley Puckeridge RN spotted the corporate challenge online and got the nurses together.

‘It was very much a team effort,’says EN Lidia Grozdanovska, one of the successful seven. ‘As team leader, Hayley kept us all on track, and we had fun and egged each other on. We also had lots of support from other staff and the residents.’

After 12 weeks using menu plans, exercise programs and an online diary, the results paid off. The team lost an impressive 14.2% of their starting weight.

The nurses cut down on foods, chose healthier options and drank water instead of soft drinks.

‘We ate a lot of tuna, rice cakes and baked beans and only had two slices of bread a day,’ explained Failoa Tipa AiN. ‘It was hard at first, but we got used to it and exchanged foods we didn’t like for others with the same calorie value.’

They also brought lunch to work instead of buying it. ‘Why not make your own lunch, have exactly what you want, and spend your savings on training instead?’ suggests Failoa.

The Fighting Fit team trained several times a week, with swimming, kickboxing and bootcamps, and kept active at work by going on walks together on their lunch breaks.

‘I feel so much fitter and healthier than I was before,’ said Lidia. ‘You have bad weeks and good weeks, but the trick is to stay motivated and keep going.

‘To any nurses out there who are thinking about doing a weight loss challenge – definitely do it! It was fun and easy to follow,’ said Lydia.

‘There shouldn’t be any excuses,’ Failoa agreed. ‘It doesn’t matter how old you are, or how many injuries you have. If we can do it, then anyone can. Nursing is tiring, but you still need to put in the effort to stay healthy.

‘My personal motivation is my sister’s wedding next year. I’m thinking “come that wedding, I’ll be skinner than all of you!”’ said Failoa.

The other team members were Trish Stow, Raquel Flint AiN, activity officer Christine West and Cathy Crowfoot AiN.