Frustration sets tone for pay campaign

Over summer, nurses and communities have combined across the NCAHS to say ‘enough is enough’ to the savage staffing cuts they believe are threatening patient safety.

Comprehensive research conducted by the NSWNA also reveals a clear message that staff shortages, budget cuts and increasing workloads are putting patient safety and nurse safety at risk.

Throughout the state nurses are saying ‘enough is enough’ and things cannot be allowed to go on as they are.

The NSW Public Health System Award expires at the end of June, which means the NSWNA will be running an important pay and conditions campaign this year. Members’ concerns about staff shortages, budget cuts and an unsafe workloads risk will be at the forefront of our pay campaign.

We are continuing consultation with members, as we craft our claim for this year’s award.

In this month’s Lamp we look at what nurses have been telling us so far with their actions on the ground and through the commissioned research.