Gai is ‘always recruiting’

The current public hospital pay campaign is the ideal opportunity to recruit new members and strengthen the NSWNA.

More members – and more active members – will boost the Association’s bargaining power and deliver better pay and working conditions.

Gai Pickering, a staff educator at St George Hospital, says that she and other activists are ‘always recruiting’, but stepped up their efforts as they organised a rally on 7 April.

‘We made sure everyone, even those who couldn’t attend the rally, wore a campaign badge on the day,’ said Gai.
Several new members signed up, joining the many that Gai and her colleagues have recruited in the past.

‘I look after the new graduates program and undergrads, so I make sure each new nurse knows about the benefits of joining us,’ said Gai. ‘And I approach any nurse who is new at the hospital.’

The NSWNA also has a session at the hospital’s fortnightly orientation program for new staff.
‘I explain to nurses that it’s not about what the union does for you. It’s about what you do for yourself as a union member,’ said Gai.