Don’t cut Paid Parental Leave

“My baby was prem. Without the current Paid Parental Leave scheme, my family couldn’t cope. Don’t let the Government take it away.” Anita, RN ICU Paramedic, with her baby Angus

On Mother’s Day 2015, the federal Government announced cuts to the governmental Paid Parental Leave (PPL) scheme, describing women who had correctly accessed their employee entitlements in addition to PPL as “double dippers, rorters and fraudsters” and as “cheating the system”. These accusations are simply offensive and untrue.

The complementary schemes were designed to enable working mothers to access up to 26 paid weeks parental leave by combining workplace provisions with the government-funded PPL.

Nurses and midwives have told us they accessed both schemes primarily to ‘extend the time at home with their newborn’ and ‘to assist with breastfeeding’. Paid Parental Leave is an investment in healthy babies and healthy mothers, which contributes to a healthy society now and into the future.

Investing in PPL also adds to a healthy economy. Female participation in the workforce adds billions to our GDP. 

We are now asking the Senate not to ignore the real reasons women take paid parental leave. We are asking the Senate to ignore the political rhetoric used against women to justify this bad policy backflip. We are asking the Senate not to cut Paid Parental Leave.

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