Hands off public disability services

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Petitions with 25,000 signatures were handed over at a rally outside Parliament House on Thursday 13 November, 2014. [More photos in gallery below.]

The NSW Government has announced they will have no involvement in disability services by 2018. Fourteen thousand jobs, including 1200 nurses, are to move to the non-government sector in one of the state’s largest privatisations. Nurses, families and the community are entitled to ask: what is the case for doing this? Where is the evidence this will lead to better care and better quality of life for people with complex disabilities?

The ‘choice’ being offered is no choice at all. Families are being given no choice about keeping the excellent care and services they now receive. Nurses are being given no choice about their employer or future careers.

This is about protecting our most vulnerable citizens, ensuring there is public accountability for their care.

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