• Tax and trade justice

    Fair trade not free trade –
    signing onto the TPP threatens
    our healthcare system.

    We want to bring the
    Robin Hood Tax to Australia –
    tax international financial
    transactions and spend
    the proceeds on
    essential public services.

*Contact NSW Federal Senators and ask them to vote No on implementing the TPP legislation.

*Download our booklet: Support Tax Justice and bring the Robin Hood tax to Australia

The NSWNMA is part of the campaign for a financial transactions tax (FTT) (Robin Hood tax) in Australia, with the money raised to be used on public services such as health and aged care. We work with our affiliates Public Services International (PSI) and the Sydney Alliance in this campaign for tax justice.

Tax justice

*The NSWNMA Tax Justice and Fair Trade Group on Facebook
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*The broader fight for tax justice: Tax Justice Network
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*We want a financial transaction tax now! (Europe)
*Bill Nighy and the nurses
*Robin Hood tax US
*Robin Hood tax UK
*Engagement Guidance on Corporate Tax Responsibility – from the UN’s PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment)
*Resources on tax from PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment) – some of this material was produced by tax justice organisations.


The Australian Government is negotiating a series of free trade agreements, which may prove harmful to our communities. The TPP threatens to make medicines more expensive, TISA threatens wholesale privatisation of public services and the China Free Trade Agreement threatens to undermine jobs and wages in Australia. All of them, including a deal with Korea, could allow multinational companies to sue democratically-elected governments (state, federal and local) if legislation aimed at protecting our health care or environment affects their profits. This is why NSWNMA supports AFTINET in saying ‘Fair trade not free trade’.

*Contact NSW Federal Senators and ask them to vote NO on implementing the TPP legislation.
*The Project (Channel Ten) discusses the Trans-Pacific-Partnership free trade deal.
*The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a threat to affordable medicines for millions! (Medecins sans Frontieres)
*Chevron’s tax schemes – Piping Profits out of Australia


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