Grandparents Leave

Question: I have worked as a registered nurse for some time at a nursing home operated by Hardi Aged Care. Recently one of my colleagues mentioned that our agreement includes Grandparents Leave. How does that work?

Answer: Under Clause 26 of the Hardi Aged Care Nursing Staff Enterprise Agreement 2016 a permanent staff member can, after 12-months employment, request to take up to one month’s unpaid grandparents leave once per 12-month period to help with caring for a grandchild/grandchildren. This may include helping out at the time of the birth of a grandchild or in order to help care for a grandchild during school holidays.

Approval of grandparents leave is discretionary, and an application can be refused on business grounds e.g. staffing requirements, the amount of notice provided, and operational requirements. When requesting grandparents leave, a statutory declaration outlining the reason is required. Wherever possible, three months’ notice should be provided.