Happy International Nurses’ Day 12 May

Happy International Nurses’ Day  12 May
Happy International Midwives’ Day  5 May

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Hooray for Bankstown midwives

With 550 years nursing experience between them and 541 babies born in the first quarter of 2010, Bankstown midwives had much to feel proud of on International Midwives Day.

The Birthing Unit at Bankstown Hospital was ablaze in a warm purple glow on International Midwives’ Day, 5 May – heralding a big day of celebrations for Bankstown Hospital midwives. Purple, the universal colour of midwives, was everywhere you looked: the Unit’s midwives all donned purple shirts, purple balloons added to the festive atmosphere and there were purple roses – one for each of the 38 midwives working on this special day.

For Bankstown Hospital midwives, International Midwives’ Day was a special day to reflect on their achievements, professionalism and hard work. And The Lamp discovered there was much to commemorate: between them, Bankstown Hospital midwives have more than 550 years’ experience under their belts – a comforting thought for the thousands of mums and babies in their care each year.

Speaking of beautiful, bouncing bubs, International Midwives’ Day also marked 541 births in the Birthing Unit in the first few months of 2010, and there were 541 flowers to mark this impressive milestone.