Happy members at Sydney Adventist Hospital

7.95% pay rise for two years and improvements in professional development are part of a new proposed agreement at Sydney Adventist Hospital.

The NSWNA is close to finalising a new agreement with Sydney Adventist Hospital (SAH) in Wahroonga that offers 3.9% pay increases in wages and allowances each year for two years.

‘Members were keen to get pay parity with other hospitals, and we achieved this,’ said Julia Taylor, CNS at SAH, who has taken part in the bargaining process.

‘We also won recognition for continuing education and seniority within the nursing ranks. We got a pay rise for our Grade Four nurses who met certain criteria and for our CNSs.’

Importantly, NUMs have been included in the two-year agreement.

Another achievement is the standardisation of on call rates for staff throughout the hospital. ‘We discovered that a lot of our on call people were getting different payments,’ Julia explained. ‘We ended up with a good pay rise for them, both during the week and at weekends. Everyone will get the same on call allowance and the rate is above award.’

Other key wins include paid parental leave that includes nine weeks maternity or adoption leave and five days paternity leave.

According to Julia, the bargaining process was smooth, thanks to the helpful union organiser and the industrial expertise of the NSWNA.

Key features of the proposed Agreement

  • 3.9% pay increases in wages and allowances each year for two years from the first full pay periods in July 2009 and July 2010.
  • NUMs are now included in the Agreement.
  • On call rates have been standardised and increased. The ordinary rate is now $3.08 per hour. Being on call on a day off now attracts $5.20 per hour.
  • Increase to CNS and CNE rates: An additional $109.30 per week will be paid.
  • PRP RN Grade 4 is now included in the classification structure with increased remuneration ($1,340pw).
  • Paid parental leave includes nine weeks maternity/adoption leave and five days paternity leave.
  • Nurses now have the option to cash out two weeks of annual leave so long as there is two weeks leave in reserve. Annual leave can also be taken in single days if there is mutual agreement.
  • Telephone allowance is set at $20 per calendar month or part thereof.