Her kindness and compassion remembered

Kerin Baker
25 August 1948 – 10 October 2006

The staff at Lady Davidson Private Hospital suffered a huge loss with the passing of our dear friend Kerin Baker on 10 October 2006.

Kerin completed her nursing training at St Vincents’ Hospital. After graduation, she ventured to Scotland to complete her midwifery certificate and she subsequently worked as a midwife in London.

Upon return to Sydney, Kerin’s practice focused on coronary care and education.

Kerin completed her BA at the University of New England in 1988 and then joined the nursing staff at Lady Davidson Hospital as a part-time registered nurse while she undertook a Masters of Health Personnel Education at the University of New South Wales, which she completed in 1991. It was during this time that Kerin discovered her love of rehabilitation nursing.

Kerin’s commitment to excellence in nursing practice was always evident. She worked for some time as a clinical nurse specialist before being appointed as a nursing unit manager where she was both respected and admired by her colleagues. She was fiercely loyal to her team. She led by example.

Kerin was never afraid of a challenge and took on many special projects over the years. In 1999 she was seconded to take on the role helping to commission the new hospital building project. Over the 12-month period, Kerin could tell us where every single piece of furniture and equipment was located. She took great delight in providing all our areas with furniture that just seemed to appear out of nowhere.

Kerin loved a good debate and did not shy away from controversy but she was always fiercely loyal to all staff in her unit. There were many acts of kindness and compassion that never went unnoticed by us but she would wave them off as not worth mentioning.

Kerin had a ‘larger than life’ personality. She had a unique and spontaneous sense of humour that we will never forget. We all still chuckle when we remember how she used to tell us to ‘get a life’ or ‘in your dreams’.

Kerin fought hard but finally lost her battle with breast cancer and died in the Sacred Heart Hospice on 10 October 2006. Her brother Christopher was able to spend the precious moments of her last week with her before returning to his home in North Carolina.

We will miss Kerin always, she will live in our hearts forever, and forever. May her laughter ring above us always.

By Michelle Craine, Lady Davidson Private Hospital