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Casual conversion to permanent employment

Question: I work in a public hospital as a casual RN. I and other casuals are being told that we cannot become permanent despite working full-time hours for over 12 months, and despite vacant positions … Read More

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Redeployment of an injured worker

Question: I am an enrolled nurse at a public hospital but injured myself last year at work. It looks like I will not be able to return to my previous position but I am still … Read More

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Pay increase at Lifehouse

Question: Following negotiation of our new agreement, when does the next pay increase kick in at Lifehouse Australia? Answer: A 2.5 per cent wage increase came into effect from the first full pay period on … Read More

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Grandparents Leave

Question: I have worked as a registered nurse for some time at a nursing home operated by Hardi Aged Care. Recently one of my colleagues mentioned that our agreement includes Grandparents Leave. How does that … Read More

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Part Time Hours at RSL Lifecare

Question: I have been successful in getting a part-time job at a nursing home run by RSL LifeCare. What should I ask for before starting? Answer: You should receive, before commencing employment, an agreement in … Read More

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Available entitlements when caring for a family member

Question: I am a registered nurse working in a public hospital. My mother will require extensive support because of illness. Beyond FACS leave, what other leave entitlements do I have? Answer: Clause 32B of the … Read More

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Pathways for a CNS at a Healthscope hospital

Question: I am a registered nurse working in a hospital operated by Healthscope. I am interested in progressing to a Clinical Nurse Specialist position. Is there an approved pathway? Answer: Clause 5 of the Healthscope … Read More

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What is a “home base”?

Question: I have commenced work at a nursing home operated by Estia Health. When starting I was told that the home I work from will be my ‘home base’. What does that mean? Answer: Under … Read More

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The correct process after a patient complaint

Question: I work in a public hospital as an enrolled nurse. Recently my supervisor spoke me to about a complaint received from a patient’s relative. Not thinking much of it, I participated in the discussion … Read More

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