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Floods prevent attendance at work

Question: I am a registered nurse working in a public hospital. Recently I was affected by flooding that would have prevented me from getting to work if I had been rostered. I believe the hospital … Read More

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Next pay increase at Ramsay hospital

Question: I work in a hospital operated by Ramsay. When is the next pay increase due? Answer: The next pay increase (on this occasion 2.5%) in the Ramsay Health Care Australia Pty Limited, and NSW … Read More

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Notice of roster and breaks at Uniting

Question: I work at an aged care facility operated by Uniting. I am permanent part-time. How much notice should I be provided of my roster? Also, what are my rights to a meal break? Answer: … Read More

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Pay for on call during a meal break

Question: I work at a nursing home operated by Opal. As part of the working arrangements, I am required to remain available for duty during my meal break. What should I be paid for this? … Read More

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Consultation about significant changes

Question: I am a registered nurse and work in a very busy ED of a NSW public hospital. The ED director has indicated that they are going to change our start and finishing times and … Read More

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Notice of roster at a Healthscope hospital

Question: I work in a hospital operated by Healthscope. What are the requirements regarding the posting of a roster? Answer: Clause 8 of the Healthscope – NSWNMA/ANMF – NSW Nurses and Midwives’ – Enterprise Agreement … Read More

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Time in lieu instead of overtime

Question: Recently I completed an overtime shift and my NUM indicated that if I liked, I could have time off in lieu instead of being paid overtime. Is this correct? Answer: Clause 25(iv) of the … Read More

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Break between rostered shifts

Question: I have just started working at a nursing home operated by Bupa Care Services. Can you let me know what the break between rostered shifts is supposed to be? Answer: Under Clause 22 of … Read More

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Multiple assignments

Question: I work in a public hospital as an enrolled nurse. I work in two different locations that are quite independent of each other. This has been described to me as having multiple assignments. My … Read More

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