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Initial review of complaint

Question: I work in a public hospital as an Enrolled Nurse. Recently I was put through a fact-finding process that involved an issue that seemed pretty trivial. Shouldn’t these be weeded out first and dealt … Read More

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S8 drug disposal in aged care

Question: I work in residential aged care and the policy on S8 drug disposal has changed and Registered Nurses are being asked to do this with a community pharmacist rather than the Director of Nursing.  … Read More

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When sick leave runs out

Question: I am a Registered Nurse working in a public hospital. I recently had a stint of sick leave that exhausted my paid entitlement. The hospital then put me onto sick leave without pay. What … Read More

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Medication records in aged care

Question: I am an Assistant in Nursing working in a residential aged care facility. Is it OK for me to countersign medication with the Registered Nurse? Answer: Yes, there is no law in NSW that … Read More

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Scope of practice

Question: I am an Enrolled Nurse and I am constantly being told I must work within my scope of practice. Can you explain how this is determined and who is responsible for doing this? Answer: … Read More

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Day worker and public holiday

Question: I am a registered nurse working in a public hospital. I am a day worker and normally have a public holiday off on pay when it falls on one of my ordinary working days. … Read More

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Working on my ADO

Question: I work in a public hospital and my NUM has asked in advance that I cancel my ADO and work instead. Must I cancel my ADO if given sufficient notice? Answer: Under Clause 4(vi) … Read More

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SCR record created

Question: I am an enrolled nurse working in a public hospital. Recently I received a letter setting out allegations regarding my conduct. It also said that a Service Check Register record had been created. Isn’t … Read More

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Allegations that lack detail

Question: I am a registered nurse in a public hospital. I have been asked to respond to certain allegations about my conduct that, if proven, could be a breach of the code of conduct. However, … Read More

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