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Acting up with extra pay?

Question: I am an RN working in a private hospital covered by the Nurses Award 2010. From time-to-time I am required to act up in the position of my nursing manager. Would you advise how … Read More

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Jury duty pay entitlement

Question: I am an EN in the public health service and have been summonsed for jury duty. What payment am I entitled to? Answer: Employees in the public health service are entitled to be paid … Read More

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What’s the story with ADOs?

Question: A story in last month’s Lamp referred to problems with accruing ADOs in the public health system. Not sure I am across this issue. What’s the story? Answer: In the latter part of 2014, … Read More

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Insufficient break against the rules

Question: The public hospital where I work requires me to do 12-hour shifts. I have noticed on the new roster I am required to work some of these 12-hour shifts with only an eight-hour break … Read More

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Paid when not needed?

Question: I am a casual nurse working in a public hospital. Recently I agreed to work a morning shift, but when I reported for duty I was told I was no longer required. Am I … Read More

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Sick leave starts when?

Question: I have just started employment as a new graduate RN in the public health system. As I have no prior public service, when can I access paid sick leave? Answer: Under clause 37(i) of … Read More

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Is mandatory training paid?

Question: I am an RN on the casual pool at a public hospital. I have been directed to attend mandatory training on a day I have not been booked or rostered to work. Under these … Read More

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Other leave okay to care?

Question: I am an AiN working in a public hospital. I took some days off to look after my sick child and ran out of personal/carer’s leave. Can I use other accrued leave? Answer: Yes … Read More

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Change to transfer laws a worry?

Question: At a recent branch meeting it was mentioned that the Ministry is trying to change the law about transfers within the NSW Health Service. Should we be concerned? Answer: The Ministry is proposing changes … Read More

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