Judith appointed to executive of Unions NSW

NSWNA Assistant General Secretary Judith Kiejda has been elected as Vice President of Unions NSW – the peak body representing unions in NSW.

The NSWNA is an affiliate of Unions NSW and the appointment gives the NSWNA a continuing seat at the executive table and a stronger voice in debate and decision making by the State’s peak union body.

‘I see my appointment as a vehicle to promote retention of public services,’ said Judith.

‘My motivation comes from deep concern about the Government’s plans to privatise two of the State’s major prisons, Cessnock and Parklea. Privatisation would make jails less safe for nurses working in the prison system, and it would likely result in poorer health outcomes for the prisoner population and the wider community.

‘If we are not vigilant, the writing is on the wall for the privatisation of many public services and possibly health services’ said Judith.

‘I hope my contribution will help not only retain what we have but build those services. We’re a big union and we can use our influence to help the community understand the importance of the public services, particularly in these uncertain times when the need for such services is at a premium.’