Many were touched by her kindness


Marilyn Mills
2 May 1952 – 12 June 2007

Total disbelief and devastation was felt by the staff and residents of St Anne’s Nursing Home in Broken Hill when they heard that Marilyn would not be back to work with and to care for them.

Always a dedicated, caring and an efficient nurse, Marilyn was an AiN at St Anne’s for over 23 years and was diagnosed with brain tumors just seven weeks before her death.

Our friend was always tall and strong and looked after us all. How could this dreaded disease get her so quickly?

I knew Marilyn at school and when I started nursing at age 17, Marilyn joined the convent and worked for the Catholic Church caring for orphaned children for many years, living in Wagga Wagga and then New Zealand.

Marilyn dearly wanted to join the order of the Sisters of Compassion but this wasn’t to be. She then returned to Broken Hill to work for the Sisters of Compassion in the Girls’ Home until it closed, then transferred to St Anne’s shortly before Southern Cross Care took over the Nursing Home.

I met up with Marilyn again when I started working at St Anne’s as an RN in 1984. In those days (23 years ago) there were only two of us and a bed-maker, caring for 26 residents in Lourdes Ward on dayshift. Marilyn was always an excellent organiser and the residents were all up and dressed in no time. Paperwork was minimal so we spent all our day with the residents.

Marilyn spent many years serving on QA and OH&S Committees and was an excellent mentor for new staff.

Marilyn’s life was dedicated to helping other people. Her caring and giving nature had a huge impact on many lives. Those close to her have first-hand knowledge of many instances where she gave herself generously to those suffering hardships. These good deeds were done with no fuss.

Marilyn also enjoyed seeing everyone have a good time. She had many farewells and Christmas parties at her house. These times will be treasured by everyone.

Marilyn had that special touch when caring for the dying and provided comfort to families. The residents of St Anne’s Nursing Home and her workmates will miss her.

By Julie Baldwin, Manager,
St Anne’s Nursing Home