Messages for Premier O’Farrell

Kristine Blain, Midwife, Wollongong Hospital
Kristine Blain, Midwife, Wollongong Hospital

Here are some of our members’ messages to the PremierMatthew Cartan, RN Tamworth Hospital  

“The midnight census doesn’t work for us. Last weekend we had 20 patients with two nurses away on annual leave – we then had five admissions, so we ended up with four nurses looking after 25 patients.”I work in a medical ward and one of our biggest concerns is ‘specialling’ which is included in the numbers. It takes one staff off the floor and everyone else has to pick up the load.

“I want Barry O’Farrell to know that to retain nurses in NSW he has to make work conditions in hospitals better. There are a lot of unhappy nurses.”

Kristine Blain, Midwife, Wollongong Hospital.  

“We’re concerned about the shortage of staff and for patient safety. Sometimes we have an influx of extra patients and we can’t cope with them.

“We are the only hospital in this area that won’t employ agency nurses so staff are constantly being called back in because of shortages.

“Our message for Barry O’Farrell is please don’t get rid of ratios. We need to improve them because they are still not enough. The wards where the ratios have been implemented have improved and are working better. But in areas like EDs and paediatrics we need more staff.”

Albie Zentveld, Mental Health Liaison nurse, Queanbeyan Hospital  

“The second biggest number of presentations at Queanbeyan Hospital ED are mental health. They sometimes have to wait 5-6 hours for an assessment if I’m not there.

“I was at today’s rally because I want better staffing especially in EDs and community nursing. I want better resources for community nursing to reduce hospital presentations and to keep people out of EDs.

“I’m enthusiastic about this campaign. If we get a better win we’ll be able to provide better care for our patients. It’s going to be difficult but we need to get Barry O’Farrell to look at the bigger picture.”