Much-loved and respected

Lucy Lim (Tiong Hua)
11 November 1947-25 April 2006

Lucy Lim (Tiong Hua) was born on 11 November 1947. She commenced her nursing and midwifery training in Kuching, Malaysia at 17 years of age and married Thomas Lim Fook Kong in Kuching. Lucy has three beautiful children, Louisa, John and Marry-Ann.

The family migrated to Sydney in 1985 where Lucy commenced work at Cumberland Hospital and undertook a six-months intensive training course to obtain her RN qualification. Soon after she joined the team at Blacktown Hospital.

Lucy was a great mother and wife. She loved her family dearly and loved swimming, aerobics, shopping, gardening, decorating and healthy cooking.

Lucy became unwell in October 2005 and died on the 25 April 2006.

A much-loved staff member of the Antenatal Gynaecology Ward at Blacktown Hospital, Lucy was respected by her colleagues, medical and ancillary staff and was admired for her skill and knowledge as a midwife. She was regarded as one of the best midwives to work at Blacktown Hospital.

Lucy had a caring manner, was polite and honest. She always treated her colleagues and patients with respect and made time to talk to her patients at length, trying to ease their fears. She was a good friend to everyone – a teacher and a mentor and always looked on the bright side of things. Lucy encouraged her colleagues to achieve their best and gave credit where it was due.

Lucy was a valued member of the midwifery staff, we love her deeply and miss her terribly. Her passing has left a void in our workplace and in our hearts. Lucy was born on Remembrance Day and left this world on ANZAC Day. She was an angel on earth.  To quote a patient of Lucy’s: ‘They must have needed another Angel in heaven’.  We remember her with love and Lucy lives in our hearts.

In 2006 Blacktown Hospital dedicated their celebration of International Midwives Day to Lucy. This year we take a moment to reflect and remember our absent friend.

By Antenatal Gynaecology Staff, Blacktown Hospital