Never too late to get involved

Emergency department RN Tatiana Muller from Bathurst Base Hospital wants to send a message to other nurses interested in getting involved in their union.

“There’s no use sitting there and complaining about something if you don’t make the effort to be part of it. If you want change to happen you’ve got to be willing to help towards it as well by putting a bit of time and effort into it,” Tatiana said.

“Definitely be involved. Help your workmates and help yourself. Get involved with the union and try to help your hospital in making decisions.”

An RN for 20 years and long-term member of the NSWNA, Tatiana was not an active member, until now.

“It’s taken me many years to see the light,” Tatiana told The Lamp. “It’s not just being a part of the union but learning how much work goes behind it and what they do. I think that was the main thing that I took away from the conference, and how important it is for young nurses that are coming into the workforce.

“We’ve got a couple of students in our department this week and I said, ‘You guys need to look after your profession. No one else will do it’.

“Joining the union is important because they do positive things for you and your work mates, so if they’re not there to help to push all these things, then you’re on your own.”