New ads highlight urgent need for ratios

Jillian Thurlow (top) and Sara Thornton
Jillian Thurlow (top) and Sara Thornton

The NSWNMA has launched two new television ads advocating for ratios in our emergency departments and on paediatric wards.

The ads star two nurses, Jillian Thurlow, an RN from Maitland Hospital who talks about the urgent need for ratios in our emergency departments, and Sara Thornton, an RN from Sydney Children’s Hospital, who talks about the complexities of caring for children on our paediatric wards.

Jillian Thurlow, RN, Maitland Hospital

“We definitely need more nurses. More nurses in ED would allow us to provide care that is better, safer and faster to our patients. They’ll get the care they need when they need it. That’s really important for us in emergency. As ED nurses we’re passionate about what we do. It’s not just a job, it’s something we do every day – and we live it.”

Sara Thornton, RN, Sydney Children’s Hospital

“Our main focus is on the children and making sure they are safe, and that their families are happy with their care, and that they are getting all the care that they need. With more nurses we would be able to give that family-centred care that we are all about. I think the campaign for ratios is one of the most important campaigns run by the Association.”