New branches support aged care DONs

New Area Aged Care branches have been set up by the NSWNA to provide networking and support to aged care DONs

Working as a DON in aged care can be a lonely role. Belonging to an area aged care branch gives nurses working in aged care management the opportunity to network with other members in similar positions and seek support from colleagues.

Belonging to a DONs branch also has a social component that enables you to get to know the DONs in your area.

Lucille McKenna, DON at Palm Grove Nursing Home, is the Secretary of the NSWNA Northern Beaches Nurse Managers Branch. She said, ‘The value of a DON’s branch can be measured in a number of positive ways. The opportunity to network with other NSWNA DONs in the area is a great way to keep informed about the issues at hand.’

Lorraine Read, DON at Bethel Nursing Home, is the secretary of the NSWNA Inner West DON’s Branch and says there are not a lot of places you can go to meet other DONs. She said, ‘Networking is important for keeping each other up to date. It also acts as a kind of buddy system – you know that if you are new or concerned about something going on at your facility you can check with other DONs and ask for advice.’

Lucille adds, ‘We are all so busy and we have very little time to speak to fellow nurses about issues and about what is confronting them in the bigger picture and what are issues at their own sites. People can have common problems and often if someone has experienced something before they will be able to suggest a solution.’

The NSWNA is actively supporting members in aged care to build support networks and branches. To find out if your area has a DON’s branch, please contact the Association. If you would like to form a DON’s branch in your area:

  • Contact the DONs in your area to invite and encourage them to attend a meeting
  • Find a date and time that is convenient and most people can attend
  • Call the NSWNA for assistance on 8595 1234 (metro) or 1300 367 962 (non metro).