New grant for aged care nurses

A new grants program will soon be available for Registered and Enrolled Nurses working in aged care, made possible by a generous funding grant from the Old Peoples’ Welfare Council (OPWC) to the NSWNMA.

OPWC is a charitable organisation formed in the early 1980s on the Central Coast. At the time its primary goal was to create affordable housing for older people in the local community. This included building and operating Kiah Lodge, a retirement village in Bateau Bay.

The OPWC sold the retirement village in the late 80s and the group began focussing on funding specific projects to assist older people in the region. This has included grants for further education and training in aged care, and donations for aged care related equipment for local hospitals.

In 2012, the OPWC approached the NSWNMA about developing a partnership grants program for Registered and Enrolled Nurses working in aged care. The OPWC has provided funding to the Association on the understanding that the Association can provide project management expertise and can reach aged care nurses through our strong membership in the sector.