Editorial – Brett Holmes

Every month The Lamp carries an editorial by Brett Holmes, General Secretary of the NSWNMA.

Labor sticks to its pledge on ratios

The NSW Opposition has changed its leader but its policy on ratios remains the same.The new NSW Opposition leader Michael Daley has quickly moved to re-commit his party to deliver new nurse to patient ratios … Read More

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Our first shift-by-shift ratios victory

A well-organised, hard-working branch along with an enlightened employer has delivered an agreement with NSW’s first shift-by-shift ratios.Hats off to our Macquarie University Hospital branch. After months and months of negotiations and perseverance as part … Read More

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Persistence pays

The state of the aged care sector is a national disgrace and our arguments for change are beginning to gain traction.Aged care nurses have been campaigning for years to change the abysmal state of our … Read More

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Working with the community for positive change

Nurses, midwives and the community all have a common interest in improving the public health system. For some time now pressure has been building in maternity services throughout NSW due to a significant shortage of midwives … Read More

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Our resolve for better ratios is undiminished

Nurses and midwives deserve the pay rise they are about to receive but our patients deserve safe ratios as well and we will continue to fight for them on their behalf. As The Lamp goes … Read More

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Make aged care ratios law now!

For-profit aged care providers receive $2.17 billion in government subsidies annually yet the sector has been shedding significant numbers of full-time registered nursing staff for many years.Australia’s aged care sector has a profound staffing crisis.Billions … Read More

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Let’s change the rules on staffing

The current rules on staffing in our public health system are clearly not working. Our 2018 ratios campaign aims to change that.For many, many years NSW nurses and midwives have tried to work positively and … Read More

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An aged care crisis that shames us

The NSWNMA will throw all its weight behind the national campaign to improve staffing ratios in aged care. Over the last 13 years, chronic understaffing has seen a 400 per cent increase in preventable deaths of … Read More

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Let’s keep fighting for a better public health system

Our successful campaign to stop the privatisation of five regional hospitals provides us with the inspiration to push on and improve our public health system.  Maitland Hospital is to stay in public hands. Just like … Read More

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