NSCCAHS reviews management structure

Nurses` rage forces NSCCAHS to review unacceptable restructure proposal

Northern Sydney Central Coast AHS (NSCCAHS) has agreed to review its management structure after NSWNA members stopped work on 10 August to protest against the decision to reduce the role of nurses in hospital management.

Nearly 150 nurses from Wyong, Gosford, Royal North Shore, Manly and Hornsby hospitals converged on Macquarie Hospital in Ryde where a meeting was taking place between the NSWNA General Secretary Brett Holmes, nurse representatives from each hospital and the NSCCAHS Chief Executive, Dr Stephen Christley.

Brett Holmes said the stop work action and rally went ahead despite last minute intervention in the dispute by the NSW Health.

‘Last minute assurances that there would be a continuing role for Divisional Nurse Managers within the structure failed to allay members’ concern and anger over the AHS’s plans to sideline nurses.

‘Nurses are angry they are being sidelined in the management structure while generic managers and doctors are being given all the power to control operational matters, including budgets, in the operating theatres and wards across the AHS,’ he said.

‘The rally was a clear indication of just how angry nurses are about this attack on their profession and career structure,’ he said.

As The Lamp goes to print, the NSWNA was meeting with NSW Health and the NSCCAHS to discuss the details of the roles of Divisional Nurse Managers in the management structure.

‘At this point in time, we have agreement that the Divisional Nurse Managers will have delegated authority appropriate to their new roles – including operational and professional responsibilities,’ said Brett.

‘However, nurses will no doubt take stronger action if the discussions over the next two weeks achieve nothing. The stakes for our profession and the attractiveness of nursing as a career option are very high,’ he said.