NSWNA ad celebrates midwives

At a time when the Federal Government has moved to acknowledge the essential expertise and contributions of midwives to maternity services, the NSWNA has launched a new TV ad celebrating the professional role of midwives. The ad will screen regularly throughout October.

The new NSWNA ad shows the expert and extensive role of Edwina Eastman, midwife at Tamworth Base Hospital.

Edwina told The Lamp she had a ball during the filming of the ad. ‘It was great fun. They were there in the background following me around as I went about my job … and it was all happening.

‘It’s great that people are getting to better understand the role of midwives. It’s such a lovely job. You see so much happiness, and when things go wrong you’re there to do your best to make the best of a difficult situation,’ said Edwina.

‘The beauty of working in a small rural community is you get to really know the women you’re caring for. You become a special part of their lives.

‘Funnily enough, I haven’t actually seen the ad yet because I’ve been on night shift since it started screening. Your life gets out of kilter when you’re on night shift. But people are recognising me and telling me it’s great,’ said Edwina.

‘Someone in the community sent me a message saying that he’d seen the ad and thanked me for my role. He said, “I totally love it and can’t stop watching it. It makes me want to cry and I want to look after nurses”.’