NSWNA ad celebrates real-life nurses

With a new memorable and moving television ad now screening, the NSWNA has also brought a positive portrayal of nurses to lounge rooms across NSW.

The latest NSWNA ad kicked off on the eve of International Nurses’ Day and is the first in a series of four ads that will screen regularly throughout the year.

With the slogan ‘they look after us; let’s look after them’, the ad aims to promote the professional role of nurses and raise awareness of the professionalism of today’s nurses.

Featuring NSWNA member Kim Rodgers from Campbelltown Hospital, the ad shows nurses managing high levels of responsibilities in their jobs.  It also shows that nurses are normal people with normal lives outside their nursing job.

NSWNA General Secretary Brett Holmes said, ‘By building empathy towards nurses as real-life people and an understanding of their professional role, we are asking the public to treat nurses with respect, and acknowledge their capabilities and the care they deliver.’

Film festival takes to the road

After its spectacular premier, the NSWNA Nurses Short Film Festival will hit the road as part of the annual NSWNA Roadshow.

During the Roadshow, NSWNA General Secretary Brett Holmes and Assistant General Secretary Judith Kiejda, with NSWNA officials, will visit members across the State at their workplaces. There will be also screenings of the Festival’s 17 short-listed films so regional members and local communities from across NSW can share in this wonderful celebration of nursing.

Keep an eye on the NSWNA website for regional screening dates.