NSWNA wins $30,000 back pay

RNs awarded $30,000 back pay for ‘in charge of shift’ duties.

The NSWNA has won around $30,000 back payment for public health system RNs and midwives performing ‘in charge of shift’ duties.

RNs acting as ‘team leader’, or similar title, will now receive the ‘in charge of shift’ allowance when they are undertaking clinical management duties, even when the NUM is on duty but not performing a day-to-day clinical management role.

The NSWNA took the case to the NSW Industrial Relations Commission and clarified that the Public Health System Nurses’ and Midwives’ State Award included provision for RNs to receive extra pay for shifts where they undertaking NUM duties, even when the NUM is on duty but not performing their clinical management role.

One nurse, who cannot be named due to confidentially agreements written into the terms of settlement, said the dispute had been dragging on for years and had done nothing to engender good will between nurses and NSW Health.

‘At a time when health services are struggling to retain experienced nurses, I really don’t understand why they fought this,’ she said.

‘I’m glad we kept up the fight – the money was nice but really it was a matter of principle.’

NSWNA Assistant General Secretary Judith Kiejda said, ‘Senior nurses are vital to the functioning of the health system so it is crucial that they are paid in accordance with their levels of responsibility.’