NSWNMA membership now comes with journey accident insurance

The O’Farrell Government’s attack on the NSW workers compensation scheme has left nurses vulnerable if injured while travelling to work. The Association has stepped in to ensure all our members are covered while travelling to and from work.

The NSWNMA has obtained Journey Personal Accident Insurance for all financial members of the Association, for journey claims previously covered under the NSW workers compensation Act.

Members will be covered for any injury that may occur between their place of residence and their place of employment, while going directly to or from work, or while travelling during recess breaks.

The insurance covers all financial members of the NSW Nurses and Midwives’ Association. It is a form of accident insurance and will give 85% of average gross weekly salary for up to two years.

The scheme is not intended to replace insurance and income protection delivered through superannuation schemes, but is a safety net for those who might otherwise fall through the cracks.

NSWNMA General Secretary Brett Holmes says it is critical that nurses and midwives are protected in their professional capacity at all times.

“The O’Farrell Government’s gutting of the workers compensation scheme has created large gaps that could leave some of our members vulnerable. We have taken out this insurance to close some of those gaps and create a safety net for all our members,” he said.

“What is worrying is that there will be nurses and midwives out there who are not members of the Association who will not be covered. I encourage all members: talk to your colleagues who are not in the union and explain this benefit of membership to them.”

Professional indemnity too

Brett Holmes says the Association has also moved to fill any gaps in professional indemnity cover for members.

“Historically, nurses and midwives working in New South Wales have had professional indemnity covered by law. Employers are required to have personal indemnity insurance. Employees also get some protection from the Employee Liability Act. This remains the case,” he says.

“There are some grey areas such as nurses and midwives working in border areas with other states and for nurses under supervision for their recency of practice, which we have moved to protect.

“For example, a nurse who lives and works predominantly in a town like Tweed Heads, but who may do one day a week in a secondary job in Queensland, will now be covered for that work.”

The insurance also covers midwives, except for homebirth activities or services.

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