Nurse managers won’t be displaced

The Association has fought off an attempt by management to ‘displace’ several nurse managers at Wollongong Hospital.

Management at Wollongong Hospital decided more than a year ago to redefine certain nurse manager positions and displace the incumbents – 7.6 full-time-equivalent staff.

The hospital wanted to change the job title and job description but maintain the grades at Nurse Manager 3.

All jobs were to be spilled and advertised with the incumbents obliged to reapply for the positions.

Management argued people had to be displaced because of the changed nature of the job.

The union argued that the job description changes were minor and notified a dispute with the Area Health Service.

The problem was successfully resolved at area level without going to the NSW Industrial Relations Commission to seek assistance.

Existing staff will take on the new job titles and descriptions with no need to reapply for the positions.