Nurse power turns the tide at Gosford


A Your Rights at Work committee at Gosford hospital is set to make a difference at the next federal election

A Your Rights at Work committee has been established at Gosford Hospital. With over 1,500 NSWNA members on the Central Coast, this gives nurses clout in two marginal federal electorates – Dobell and Robertson.

In the space of three months, Gayle Hartley, a CNC at Gosford Hospital, has seen her local Your Rights at Work committee blossom from being a good idea to being an organised local force against the federal government’s IR changes.

‘Recently we held a BBQ at Gosford Hospital where we had over 350 people, with HSU and NSWNA members cooking and handing out information. We made it into a fundraiser for charity and made $330 for the gerontology ward at Gosford Hospital,’ she said.

Gayle says the Your Rights at Work committee was formed at Gosford after some union members, alarmed by the federal government’s IR changes, did an activist training course run by the ACTU and Unions NSW.

‘We want to roll back these IR laws because of the impact they’ll have on nurses, our families and the community,’ she said.

‘Our purpose is to get information out so people can make an informed decision about the changes.

‘We have an IR Day every Wednesday when we encourage people to wear Your Rights at Work t-shirts, armbands or badges, and we set up in the cafeteria with all our written material and talk to people about the issue,’ she said.

Gayle says that having established a base, the committee has ambitious plans to get the message out even wider to other hospitals and satellite health services on the central coast.
‘It’s hard for them to come and see us so we’ll go and see them,’ she said.

Join the Your Rights At Work Campaign

If you live on the Central Coast and you want to get involved in Your Rights at Work campaign visit

If you live in other areas and you want to get involved in the campaign contact Rita Martin at the NSWNA on (02) 8595 1234.