Nurses have delivered more

NSW Treasurer Michael Costa has stated wage increases in the public sector beyond 2.5% can only be justified by making further employee-related savings. Yet, in the last two years alone the nursing and midwifery workforce has:

  • staffed 1,226 additional acute sector beds and community care equivalent services. This will rise to 1,800 additional beds and bed equivalents by June 2008;
  • treated 2.28 million patients that present to emergency departments. This is an 8.8% increase. (June 06-07);
  • dramatically reduced the number of people waiting over 12 months for elective surgery from over 10,000 to under 200 in December 2007 (footnote: Min. 31/01/08 press release);
  • dramatically reduced the number of patients waiting for urgent surgery from over 5,000 in January 2005 to 114 in December 2007;
  • contributed to NSW hospitals meeting national benchmarks for emergency department performance in every triage category for the first time ever;
  • delivered new and more efficient methods of emergency care treatment such as fast track zones, ‘triage and treat’ and short stay units;
  • improved the percentage of ambulance patients transferred from ambulances to hospital care within 30 minutes. This trend has continued to increase since 2005.