Nurses key to quality aged care

Proud to be an aged care nurse

Lynda Amidy, AiN at Nazareth House in Tamworth, loves working in aged care. ‘I am an aged care nurse because I like my role and I like caring for older people,’ she said. ‘You can see you are helping them.’

‘I want to be working in a nursing role caring for residents. I wouldn’t stay if I was reclassified as CSE (Care Service Employee) and allocated non-nursing tasks.’

During a restructure at her facility last year, Lynda explained this in a report to management. It helped reverse the decision to cut nursing hours and reclassify AiN positions to CSE.

‘We were able to work it out with management. During the restructure, they told me to put in a report if I had any concerns and they responded to my report and put on an extra nurse. We are lucky that management is open to input from staff,’ said Lynda.

‘I told them I wanted to be a nurse and was not interested in switching to CSE.’

Lynda has worked at Nazareth House for seven years as an AiN in a section with 30 high-needs residents. She explained there are four nurses on each shift with an RN covering all three sections in the facility, each with 30 residents.

‘We’re pretty flat out and sometimes we have to work with heavy workloads. We certainly couldn’t cope with any cutbacks to hours,’ she said.